We are
here for you.

We listen to your needs

We take your requirement but equally understand they can change and that is why we go the extra mile with you.

Build a partnership

Through building a strategic partnership, we put all our effort and focus on delivering what was agreed and beyond.

Deliver on our promise

Making sure we deliver on our original promise of ensuring you satisfaction is driven through passion for technology.

Super Talented Team

We have a very talented team with a collective industry experience of over 20yrs

Technology & Business Savvy

At Warehouse Factory, we don't only talk technology, we also talk business

Bunch Of Growth Hackers

Just a bunch team who only cares about picking the right piece to grow your business

Understand Social Media

Oh by the way, we also talk the social media talk through the usual channels

Our Commitment

Make the choice to first measure our success through our work ethic. 

Commit to trusting that our hard work and the services we deliver to our clients stands out. 

Commit to working consistently as through consistent and diligent work, coupled with patience and flexibility, we will achive great heights.

Passion for Technology

As System Engineer graduates, Technology runs in our DNA and we enjoy nothing more than learning the trends that technology is taking in order to work more efficiently and see progress and success.

We love seeing the big picture mapped out for technology needs. Whether its cloud services, or the future needs of a department’s wireless technology. Efficiency is huge with the team at Warehouse Factory and we have a passion for finding new and more productive ways to deliver our customer needs. 

We strongly believe that when passion is present, success will result. And the more success we experience, the more we will increase our passion. 


Digital Tranformation Promise

Approaching and planning digital transformation can be difficult.

Our best plan for embarking on Digital Transformation journey is a flexible one that follows three steps: probe, sense and respond.

At the top of our approach, we help Businesses investigate what their requirements are and what the current and future market will demand. Based on those findings, we then get to work on conceiving and implementing their digital transformation projects, but ironically, never afriad that our approach could fail. Only then can we respond accordingly with the best solution for their business.
Our Story

Warehouse Factory was founded in 2013 and from the begining we had a mission; simplifying innovative technology for those who don’t talk “techie”. In today’s competitive business age, customers have several alternatives whereby customer acqisition as well retention becomes major challenge.

What started as word-of-mouth recommendation for winning new business soon grew into a company leveraging the advantages of technological advancements to attract new customers, and in the process build a business which easily satisfies and retain its customer strickly throug efficiency improvement.